Why should you switch to Hairo Crystal Hair Eraser?

Why should you switch to Hairo Crystal Hair Eraser?

Our innovative Hairo crystal hair eraser has blown up over 2022 and we are nothing less than ecstatic for what the future holds! We're not only excited for being able to revolutionize so many people's shaving routines but also build a community of such a passionate group of shavers! 

Many people wonder why they should switch to Hairo and this blog is here to explain! 

Razors have been around for over 100 years and even with their major drawbacks and flaws, people have continued to use them.

Here are a couple that many oversee:

Harmful & Wasteful To Environment: Standard razors typically only takes between 5-10 shaves. This causes an influx in waste as people will have to continuously replace their razors. 

Not Easy To Use: We all remember the first time we picked up a razor and had to figure it out either by ourselves or with our parents. Why does it have to be this complicated and unsafe? Why wouldn't there be an easier, more effective, and safer alternative? 

Expensive In the Long Run: Having to replace your razor every couple of weeks can add up immensely even without you noticing. 

Dangerous & Inconvenient: We've all gotten a razor burn or cut from rushing our shaving. On top of that, razors require shaving cream in order to be most effective and safe. 

Now, lets skip to the good part 😋

Benefits Of the Hairo: 

- 100% Painfree

- Convenient For Travel

- Reusable Up To 3 Years

- Exfoliates Dead Skin

- Eliminates Waste

- Saves You Money

- Safe & Razor Free

- Easy To Use  

If you ever have any questions regarding your Hairo, please don't hesitate out to us :)

- Team Hairo <3

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