Q: Can I use on other body parts besides legs?

A: Other areas such as the arm, back, and chest are applicable as long as instructions are followed. Start lightly and ease into rubbing harder. We advise against overusing or rubbing in one area.

Sensitive skin customers: Start with a small section of your arm before moving on to other sensitive areas. When first using Hairo, apply mild pressure for the first couple of shaves to see how your skin reacts first. Always confirm your skin can withstand Hairo before continuing usage and avoid rubbing in one area repeatedly.

Q: When should I use?

A: Adjust as needed based on how much your skin can withstand and how fast your hair regrows. Hairo works best after a shower or bath when your skin is moist and your pores are open. 

Q: Does it work with strawberry legs?

A: Yes! It helps to reduce the look of strawberry legs due to our new Nano Crystalline technology that causes hairs to be removed in clusters, unlike waxing and razors. 

Q: When to sanitize?

A: After using Hairo, clean off all hairs and particles with water to ensure it is sanitary for your next shave!

Q: Can rubbing cause skin darkness?

A: Not at all! Hairo not only helps you shave better but also can improve your skin pigmentation when it exfoliates.